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Poker Genius Review

Poker Genius contains a comprehensive suite of powerful poker tools.You may be wondering how you can best use these tools to improve and polish your game.
Reading poker books is an excellent way to learn and understand new poker concepts. You can put the concepts into practice by trying them out in Poker Genius. The combination of a well written reference book and the ability to demonstrate those concepts immediately will solidify your understanding.
There is no substitute for experience. With Poker Genius you can play at high speed to gain experience fast. Unlike real cash games, you can experiment with new styles and learn without losing your money. PG offeres a wide variety of different player styles to practice against. 
PG supports all types of Limit and No-Limit Holdem games: Full Ring, 5-max, 6-max, Heads-Up. Master any poker tournament structure. PG included numerous predefined tournaments such as Sit-n-Go, Pokerstars Sunday Million, WCOOP, Turbos, Double-or-Nothing. Poker Genius utilizes Artificial Intelligence research developed over more than 10 years.
Poker Genius uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms and advanced understanding of game theory to dynamically adapt its play.
With PG you can use the peek feature to see if your suspicions are correct. You can play with all of the cards face up and study how each player plays their hand. Review hand histories and play back old sessions to see how well you played, and where you made mistakes. You can also use the 'instant replay' feature to see if taking a different action would have made you more money. 
If you find yourself unsure of how best to play certain situations, you can use the PG Dealer Options to set up exact conditions and then drill on them until you are confident in your play. The ability to isolate and train on specific scenarios is a powerful learning tool. 
PG offeres to use the Player Statistics to find leaks in your game. Discover what hands you play profitably, and which you lose money with. You can filter your hands by position and instantly see which starting hands you are losing with in that position. You'll drill on them until you learn to play them profitably. PG bankroll graphs to spot trends in your performance over time. Compare your statistics to other players to discover how your style differs.
It is vital to know the odds of making draws, the probability of your hand being the best.Poker Genius contains several tools to help develop a good intuition for poker math. 
Advance Actions allows you to instruct Poker Genius to perform an action automatically when it becomes your turn. The actions that are available to you at any given time will change depending on the current state of the game. 
The Hand Evaluator can compute and summarize a detailed evaluation of any Hold'em hand. Once hole cards have been entered, some statistics become immediately available. 
The Showdown Calculator is a powerful tool for calculating the chances of a hand winning, tying, or losing at the showdown. 
All hands played in Poker Genius are stored in a Hand History Database. The main Player Statistics window provides access to all of the hand history and player analysis tools. This module lets you view hand histories, import hands, track your session performance, view summarized reports on all of the players you've faced, and dive into specific player statistics such as bankroll graphs, action frequencies, and more.
Several filters are available from the Filters panel. A filter will let you look at only a specific subset of the hands you have played. Filters are applied to all hands on all tabs.
The Actions tab graphically shows information about the selected player's actions over the selected sessions. 
The Luckometer is a tool for objectively measuring the quality of the cards you are being dealt, verses your opponents. The luckometer is intended to answer the following question: What quality of cards have I been dealt, relative to my opponents? Perhaps you have just experienced a large drop in a heads-up match.  
Advice is intended for use by novice players. The advisor acts like another computer player that sits behind you and lets you know what it would do if it were in your shoes. You should take it simply as an example of how one of the computer opponents would play the hand.
The PG Transcript provides a textual log of hand information. It shows what actions have taken place in the hand, what cards were flopped, and records a textual description of all the winning hands. 
The opponent is a virtual poker player. They have a name, an engine (the particular Artificial Intelligence they use), various personal settings for their playing style, and a memory of hands they have played in the past. Each opponent also has its own set of statistics, which can be viewed in the Player Statistics window. To manage your opponents, Poker Genius provides an Opponent Manager which you can use to create, delete, import, export, and customize your computer opponents. Opponent Settings enables you to make changes to your bot profile and adjust specific settings based on the bot engine. 
PG supports playing poker against the strongest poker engines including the famous: Jagbot, Pokibot, Simbot, Sparbot, Vexbot, Averybot, Jambot, Oddbot, Xenbot. And even write your own poker bot.
Here are 2 examples of engines/bots build on the artificial intelligence
Jagbot is a simple, rule-based strategy. It uses no opponent modeling. It only evaluates the strength of its own hand, and uses a simple formula to choose a randomized action. Jagbot is a good player to start training with. 
Poki is well-rounded artificial intelligence system designed to play full-ring Texas Hold'em.
Poki is the result of years of research into computer poker techniques. Poki models each specific player independently, tracking their playing styles. Poki will adjust its play over time to counter your style of play. Poki uses what it knows about your habits to put you on probable hands
Poki keeps track of your play based on your profile. 
Poker Genius software can assist you in taking your poker game to the next level. With PG you can find weaknesses in your poker game using powerful analytical tools. Work with poker engines to correct mistakesTest any ideas and strategies. You will see how this software improves your game.